grc3GRC made of minerals and will not burn. In addition, the nature of concrete acts likes a thermal regulator when exposed to flame. GRC not only will not burn, but it also protects the materials behind it from the heat of the flame.

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Relatively light in weight compared to traditional stone or terra cotta ornaments. Its installation is quick and relatively easy.

Can be cast to virtually any shape. We supply wall panels, columns, bas relief, domes, column capitals, fireplace surrounds, moldings, medallions and all types of custom GRC shapes.

Available either with a cast in integral color and texture: limestone, precast, acid wash, etc. or as paint grade that is easily finished with virtually any paint.

Most GRC products are manufactured by one of two processes-Vibration Premix Casting and Sprayed GRC.


GLOBECLAD GRC, thin yet strong, weighs 80% to 95% less than solid concrete. This makes it easier and faster to install and reduces the load on the buildings structure. The lighter weight and stronger material also saves transport costs, allows more design freedom and, by using less material, reduces environmental impact.

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GLOBECLAD GRC is strong. For GRC panels, this means it has the proven ability to withstand seismic loads and hurricane winds. For architectural elements, stronger means less chance for damage, easier to install and longer lasting.


GLOBECLAD GRC lasts. It is less susceptible to weather erosion and more freeze thaw resistant than conventional concrete. The use of glass fibers for reinforcement rather than steel means it cannot rust and can even be used under salt water and in marine environments.


GLOBECLAD GRC provides the look and feel of natural stone, architectural precast concrete, terra cotta, wood or smooth panels. It allows the designer more freedom in shape, color and texture than any material.


GLOBECLAD GRC has a much lower environmental impact than conventional concrete, stone or other materials. Made with minerals: cement, aggregates, glass fibers and, in some cases mineral pigments and special polymers, GRC is designed to be long lasting and earth friendly.


Hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes are no match for GLOBECLAD GRC. Over the years it has proven itself both in the lab and in the real world.


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