Globeclad Fire Resistant Facades

Marestone Panels

Mare Facade System is wholly an innovative brand new product. The power underlying the System are the strengths of Marestone. Marestone is non comparatively strong and homogeneous product that can be processed in all manners and can be cut to 15 mm thickness even at its largest dimensions. Marestone is the best artificial cement bound mineral aggregate stone in the world. Several varieties of stones (lime stones, marbles,  granites, clinkers etc) can be processed in the plain face texture (patinato, polish, honed, antique, bush hammered) at Mare specified dimensions.


  • The lightest and safest
  • Strong but not brittle
  • High wind load resistance
  • Anchorage strength
  • Physical strengths and durability
  • Fire class
  • Marestone system components are all inert and non-toxic
  • Fast and accurate installation
  • Easiest cleaning
  • A beautiful and accurate rain screen

Dimensions :

  • Marestone panels are dimensioned according to your Project requirements  from 60 x 150 cm and 60 x 120 cm slabs.

Technical Specifications

Wind Load

> 400 kgf / m²

ASTM C 1201


> 2340 kg / m³


Water Absorption

< 2,00 %


Bending Strength

> 14 NM / mm²

ASTM C 880

Freeze and Thow

No deformation observed

ASTM C 1026

Thermal Expansion

< 0,50 mm / m

ASTM C 880

Abrasion Resistance

< 11 cm³ / 50cm²

Böhme / 699

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